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Katharina Grippaldi


Being raised in Berlin she got influenced very soon by all the various cultures the city has to offer. Via high school in Paris and jazz studies at in Barcelona (Pedro Javier Gonzalez, Victor de Diego, Inaki Sandoval) she took the road to vibrant Rotterdam, her current location.

After graduating cum laude from ArtEZ Conservatory's Popacademie (Shirma Rouse, Danny Sahupala, Tjeerd Oosterhuis) in spring 2010 as singer and songwriter, Katharina developed her skills as singer, backing vocalist and performer in various projects such as her vocal group Sharp (known from TV programma The Sing Off) and her cover trio The Flavourettes.
Her passion for latin music resulted in a latin lounge collaboration with Omega 3 whose first single was was published in Summer 2012.

As an extension to her Bachelor minor music management and work as booker/PR, Katharina has obtained her Master's Degree in 2014 in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, NL. On top of that, she has gained experience in teaching music for the renowned music house De Doelen and various music schools throughout the Netherlands.

In short: enough inspiration for her first album: Open-hearted songs about love and life, with all the shades of grey in between. Written to be shared. On stage and in real life.


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Singer Songwriter

Ever since songwriting has been the most essential part of Katharina's life. Songs mirroring her never ending longing, searching and curiosity in life. "When he comes my way" with Edmond Bravenboer on guitar is one of many songs to be released in 2018.

Italian singer

Thanks to her Sicilian father, Katharina has early discovered the rythms and melodiousness of Italian pop music. Its expression, intensity and heart–warming harmonies influence not only her songwriting, but are also very popular at private and business events. Read more here

Wedding singer

In collaboration with wedding planners, event planners and caterers Katharina has been musically accompanying weddings since 2010. Read more here


Katharina plays the piano since she is 6 years old and loves to accompany herself while singing.

Commercial Music Trio

After realizing the enormous demand for customized music entertainment to food events, Katharina founded The Flavourettes is 2015. Since then the girls performed throughout Europe on mainly corporate high class evens.

Songwriter on demand

Katharina regularily composes customized music and lyrics on demand for various events and projects. Inspired by Kristel Hoogwout Katharina contributed a brand song to Olijf, the volunteer foundation for women with gyneacological cancer.

Backing Vocal

Early during her studies at the conservatory Katharina specialized in harmony singing. An absolute highlight being asked to perform on Europe's first international a capella talent TV show directed by a capella Guru Deke Sharon. In 2017 Katharina was asked to join the backing vocal section for theatre project "Vergeet mij Niet" with Gemma van Eck and Fred Butter which aims to re-engage senior citizens in society.